Wildflowers Dean Crouser Mug
Wildflowers Dean Crouser Mug

Wildflowers Dean Crouser Mug

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The hummingbird typifies the soul of unadulterated delight, and there could be no greater method for mixing your day with some additional bliss than when you partake in your number one tea mix in our new Wildflowers mug. Inundated with splendid watercolor shades highlighting wild sprouts and an extravagant free hummingbird fluttering and shuddering close by prepared to sup on the nectar. This dazzling portrayal of the energy that lies right external your entryway is the best shot in the arm for any season.

Brand: Dailleursnoussommesdici


14 oz

3" W x 4" H

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe.

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